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Cheers to Our Item of the Week!

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Last month, we started a fun “Item of the Week” program highlighting our favorite Herbivore merchandise at sale prices. It’s been incredibly successful so far–clearly our customers love a good deal!

This week, as a tribute to summertime picnics, BBQs, and backyard gatherings (or colder breezes and indoor celebrations if you live in the Southern Hemisphere), our “I Heart Vegan Beer” tee in both women's and unisex sizes, is on sale for just $20! It's so comfy you won't want to take it off.

Now, you might be wondering, “Isn’t all beer vegan”? You would think! But, ingredients such as isinglass (obtained from fish bladders), gelatin, and animal bone char are commonly used in the brewing process. Cruelty-free beverages are much, much better. Check out barnivore.com to ensure your favorite sips are animal-friendly and then raise a frothy mug with your friends.

To complement your quenching brews, you're going to need yummy vegan food! We have a wide variety of cookbooks ranging from Grills Gone Vegan to The Best Veggie Burgers on the Planet

Visit the cookbook section of our website for more options. Oh! And don't forget about our new, eco-friendly beverage cozies! They're like clothing for bottles and cans.


On Our Bookcase: Salad Samurai by Terry Hope Romero

Do you love salad? Of course you do! Although vegans often get teased for indulging in salads, let it be known that salads are much more than iceberg lettuce leaves, veggies, and vinaigrettes. They can be hearty and satisfying meals with a medley of components and toppings… Candied pecans and coconut bacon, I’m looking at [...]

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Hello Summer!

Oh my goodness, how is it July already? We’re still stocking hoodies and knee socks here at the Herbivore retail store (you do know that we have a storefront, right?). But as the temperature begins to rise, tees and tanks quickly start disappearing from the shelves–a reassuring sign that summer has finally made its welcoming return.Our [...]

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New Design!

We've been getting boxes delivered all week with new goodies. Summer is a busy time for us so we try and stock up with lots of cool stuff as the travelers start arriving. Portland has become quite the vegan tourist destination and its always fun to work on a busy summer day when people from [...]

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Love Life, No Matter Whose tank has launched.

We live in Portland, Oregon, home of the lingering winter of drizzling days in the 40s or 50s. It's not brutal, like when we lived in Chicago, or when I was in school in Boston, but it does get tiring right about now every year. We have come up with a plan to encourage spring [...]

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New Good Luck Elephant relaxed drape women's tee.

We are excited about this limited run Good Luck Elephant shirt! It's a loose fit, with a longer tail than usual, for better coverage. So many ways to wear this garment: lounge around with tights, dress it up with heels, you can make this shirt do whatever you want. It's a nice recycled polyester/cotton blend [...]

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I Love Animals Too Much To Eat Them design has launched!

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our newest design! We did this one on women's cuts as well as unisex and the fabric is really soft and comfortable. It is 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled polyester (made from plastic bottles) and is made in the US. The printing also has a [...]

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Savory Pull Apart Bread Stacks

Working on a cookbook for new ethical vegans is difficult. Hours of cooking, hours of eating. We are doing it for the new vegans, and of course for the animals that will be saved. These bread stacks are what we have been diligently perfecting the past several days. They are an homage to the veggie [...]

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Our pancake go-to.

Perhaps you are like us and you have a lot of cookbooks, but there are a few that are a bit more worn than the others. And within those, there are some pages that get the most attention. Or they used to because you've memorized the recipe.You know, like Isa's chickpea cutlets in Veganomicon on page [...]

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New York City this weekend! See you there.

See that coffee mug? Michelle got that for me last year when she attended the New York City Vegetarian Food Festival. You could get one too, but they are hard to find as there were only 10 million made. I rarely use it because of how rare it is. But I used it this morning because this [...]

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