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PDX Beer Fest & Eat Like You Give a Damn the BOOK!

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In case you just woke up from a long winter's nap or just returned from a desert island..... you probably know that we are thrilled to be hosting Portland's own Vegan Beer & Food Festival (PDXVBFF) with our friends from the Bye & Bye, along with Quarrygirl, Nic Adler, & Tony's Dart's away (original LA fest organizers!). To say we are stoked is an understatement. Please check out the veganbeerfest site, or the facebook for all pertinent details! To buy tickets, click the poster above and you'll be redirected to ticketfly.

AND.......... THE EAT LKE YOU GIVE A DAMN BOOK SHIPPED!!!! We expect to have them here by July 17 or so. YAY!

Eat Like You Give A Damn Book coming soon!

We are often asked to recommend "the one book" that people should buy for the new vegan in their life. You know, something that has breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert, and the basics that most people eat. These days, there are SO many  great vegan cookbooks out there, specializing in just about every type of [...]

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10 Books We Are Enjoying Lately

The bookcases at Herbivore are often bulging under the weight of so many rad books - we're actually running out of room for all the upcoming releases! And trust us, there are a lot of new books making an appearance during the last quarter of 2014. Finding yourself face to face with such a wide assortment of [...]

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A Virtual Tour of Our Retail Store

As summer winds down to an end in the coming month, we've been busy updating and keeping our retail store stocked with all sorts of fun merchandise. If you don't live in Portland or don't have a vacation planned, don't fret! While we can't pay for your plane ticket, we can give you a virtual tour [...]

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We're Stuck on Stickers

Did you notice that we have some brand new stickers available on our website? It's true! Make room on your bike, laptop, car, and arms because you're gonna want at least one of each - but probably two.Clockwise from the top: Compassion is Invincible, I Heart Vegans, Vegan for Good, I Love Animals Too Much to Eat Them, Bacon Had [...]

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Just Released: Going Vegan by Joni Marie Newman & Gerrie Lynn Adams

If you're just making the transition to veganism or know someone who is (hooray!), newly released Going Vegan is a comprehensive guide that will surely be an essential resource throughout the journey... and beyond. Best-selling cookbook author Joni Marie Newman teamed up with healthy-eating specialist Gerrie Lynn Adams to create a book geared toward helping anyone interested [...]

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Cheers to Our Item of the Week!

Last month, we started a fun “Item of the Week” program highlighting our favorite Herbivore merchandise at sale prices. It’s been incredibly successful so far–clearly our customers love a good deal!This week, as a tribute to summertime picnics, BBQs, and backyard gatherings (or colder breezes and indoor celebrations if you live in the Southern Hemisphere), [...]

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On Our Bookcase: Salad Samurai by Terry Hope Romero

Do you love salad? Of course you do! Although vegans often get teased for indulging in salads, let it be known that salads are much more than iceberg lettuce leaves, veggies, and vinaigrettes. They can be hearty and satisfying meals with a medley of components and toppings… Candied pecans and coconut bacon, I’m looking at [...]

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Hello Summer!

Oh my goodness, how is it July already? We’re still stocking hoodies and knee socks here at the Herbivore retail store (you do know that we have a storefront, right?). But as the temperature begins to rise, tees and tanks quickly start disappearing from the shelves–a reassuring sign that summer has finally made its welcoming return.Our [...]

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New Design!

We've been getting boxes delivered all week with new goodies. Summer is a busy time for us so we try and stock up with lots of cool stuff as the travelers start arriving. Portland has become quite the vegan tourist destination and its always fun to work on a busy summer day when people from [...]

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