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Sale Item of the Week!

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Did you know that we wrote a cookbook? We totally did, and we are super duper proud of it! The Eat Like You Give a Damn cookbook is our home food diary. These recipes show up on our table every day, all year long. This is two busy parents, one silly kid, and two begging dogs, dancing in the kitchen and making delicious vegan food.

This cookbook is as close as we can get to busting into your homes and cooking for you. Also, breaking and entering is frowned upon, even if it's to cook you a killer brunch!

We are often asked about the best cookbook for a new vegan and we think this is it. It covers all the bases from quick and easy to sorta fancy. Breakfast to dessert, it's all here, and it's all damn tasty!

This week get the Eat Like You Give a Damn cookbook for $19.95!